Scripture of the Day

Psalm%2031 24

I Shall Stand

 Do not give up , continue on in the faith, stand up for what is right , and stand against what is wrong. Do not compromise. God will give you the strength through his Holy Spirit and you will not be weak in your heart, because our hope is in the Lord; and he is faithful to his word. Be blessed in the Lord. Read More

Isaiah 43

Living Free

God has created us. We are not to be afraid, for he has paid a great price for us. He calls us all by name for we are his chosen.    When we go through hard trials and times of great trouble, God will be with us. When we go through great difficulty and deep dark waters look as though they will cause us to be... Read More

Hebrews%2010 37

Stand Firm

Only faith in God will bring the vision to pass at the appointed time , it will not be delayed.  God is always on time, never late. He keeps his promises. He will show up.  But if we waver or doubt, he has no pleasure in us, ( for this is lack of faith). We are to stand firm and unmoveable , not being swayed by... Read More

Kjv exodus 17 12

Who's lifting up our Leaders

Moses ---Gods' chosen Leader; for the deliverance of his people , Israel.  Under the pressure of the battle against Amalek, Moses became tired from fighting the battle as it was long and hard. Moses never gave up, as God told Moses to raise his hands up and hold them there. As Moses did so, Israel would prevail... Read More

Jude 1 22

Be Merciful

A compassionate heart and spirit towards others will lead you out of your comfort zone.   When we are nudged by the Holy Spirit to step out in Christs' love, we find ourselves reaching out to the unsaved and hurting people that God puts in our path.   They need someone to listen to them and encourage them. Someone... Read More


The Good Samaratin

Question Do we have enough compassion to step-up to the challenge?and help someone who is hurting? whether physical? emotional ? or spiritually?  If we have that kind of love and drive in us to step-up and do whatever we can, one for another, then we become that Samaritan. We need to show kindness, mercy,... Read More

060817 micah 6 8 nologo

Do What is Right

God speaks through the prophet , Micah, to the people in the land of Judah. Micah, informs the people what is required of them. And so it is the same today. (God speaks through his word, the Pastor/ Evangelist, in the Holy Spirit.)  Micah told the people 3 things. 1. To do justly---- be a help , do what is right.... Read More


Obedience to the King

Submit yourself to the command of the Lord and do what you know you are to do in your heart and Holy spirit. Do not run from it. In other words , do not leave what you know you are to do undone , knowing it is the proper thing to do. Do not be in a hurry, make no hasty decisions, knowing that when you  take the... Read More

Matt%209 37

The Harvest

Jesus told his disciples it was harvest time, for by this he meant to go out and reach the lost and show them the way to him, to be saved. Today Jesus is speaking to us the church, to reach the lost, it could be by just saying a kind word to a lost soul. That one word can touch their heart and in turn they turn... Read More

Luke%2016 13

Two Masters

You cannot serve two masters. You will either be loyal to one and hate the other ; or vice versa. You will  be happy and enthusiastic about one and despise the other master.Nobody can serve God and money.There is a choice to be made. Read More