Loretta Cote
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When God answers you, when you call for him, are you doing what he says? If you are doing what he says in his word, he will show you what you are like.  For you are rooted and grounded in his word ; therefore you have dug a deep footing course and laid a firm foundation on the solid rock ( Jesus Christ). When the storms of adversity come, you are not moved by the winds or the battle of the storms, although the storms rage on. You will be safe and protected.
     Those who hear God , when he speaks , and does not do what the word says or what he speaks to them to do,  is like the man who built his house without a foundation.  When the storm takes place, the house is destroyed. He has nothing to protect him from the storm, for his house was not built on a Firm Foundation.
To be rooted , grounded, and obedient in God's word, is a sure foundation when trouble arises.God will show up when you call for him.
Be Blessed.