Scripture of the Day

Isaiah 54 17

What Are Your Weapons ?

There are different kinds of weapons in the natural physical world. Along with the knowledge of how to use them. There are instructors ,who teach on how to use them for different types of warfare.   There are enemy weapons formed against the children of God; but his word tells us , that they are carnal and of... Read More


Obedient ?or Disobedient ?

We need to ask Jesus to show us people that we can help, whether it is  family or a single person. Jesus knows whether we are able to do it or not. When we meet the needs of others, we are meeting the needs of Jesus. We are doing his work. When he shows us , speaks to us through the Holy Spirit ; we need to be... Read More

Isaih%206 9

Willing to Listen

In his word, God plainly gives us direct instructions to seek him and call out to him while He is near. He tells us to repent and ask forgiveness. Turn away from wrong thoughts and return to him. If we do this, he will have mercy and greatly pardon (forgive) those who repent. Once we repent, God has plans for us.... Read More

Parable of the talents

Profitable? Or. Unprofitable?

1.  One servant was given 5 talents, which he increased by 5 more. He made a profit for the man that gave the talents to him. 2. The second servant was given. 2 talents and he doubled them by gaining 2 more. 3. The third man was given 1 talent, which he never put out to gain anything. When the man returned he was... Read More


Desire And Compassion, or Fear to Step Out ?

When bad things happen to others, such as it did to the man on the road from Jerusalem to Jericho, would you reach out to help, or turn your head and go on past that one? In this situation, the priest walked on past the victim. Then there was a second person, a Levite, who also left the man alone on the road.He... Read More



Jesus warned his disciples of having unbelief, we are to heed his warning.  The disciples were not able to do the task at hand; to cast out the devil from the child; because of the lack the faith, because of their unbelief. One small grain of mustard seed is very powerful. When it is planted, the plant will grow... Read More

Matt%2011 12

Are you willing to fight for what is yours?

Get rid of disbelief.Command it to leave. This is also the devils weapon.  Pray earnestly . Trust God by faith , be persistant in prayer. Be violent , push in prayer and don't let go of what you are seeking God for. It is the enemy's job to throw obstacles in your path, to cause you to not trust God. Rebuke and... Read More


Attatch No Strings

Give from the heart without strings attached, then you will receive a bountiful blessing from the Lord.  But if you attach strings/ or conditions, to the gift,  this is not truly giving from the heart.God loves a cheerful giver. Give sparingly --- reap sparingly Give in good measure---- reap bountiful Read More

Matt%207%2024 27

Are You Grounded?

When God answers you, when you call for him, are you doing what he says? If you are doing what he says in his word, he will show you what you are like.  For you are rooted and grounded in his word ; therefore you have dug a deep footing course and laid a firm foundation on the solid rock ( Jesus Christ). When the... Read More


In a Struggle? Stand on Faith in Jesus

1. Faith refuses to accept any after thoughts. 2. Faith persists, it does not give into doubt or unbelief. 3. Faith believing through fervent prayer, brings the Victory. 4. Don't give up. Read More