Loretta Cote
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Are You Unmovable? 
When ships are out on the seas and oceans, there are times that they encounter severe storms and become beaten and battered , even to the point of being totally destroyed from the storms. But the captain and crews have a job to do.They must do all they can to maintain the ship and stay the course until the storm subsides. Then take an assessment of the damages.
We are Gods ' people. Yes we will face many storms in our Christian walk, for we are followers of Christ.
Some storms will severely rock us , ( try to rip us away from Christ.) but we know he will keep us through it all. 
He is our Captain and he will safely steer us in the right direction through the storms. We all have a job to do to stay the course, and that's not to take our eyes off the Captain of our ship.We must follow his commands and obey them. 
Keep the faith
Keep our eyes on Jesus
Talk with him
Praise him
Trust him
Worship him
Thank him
Wait on him, for we know that the Captain Jesus never fails his people.
Love him with all of our heart
Through it all, we will become unmoveable, as we learn to trust and obey the Captain of our soul.