Be Merciful

Be Merciful
A compassionate heart and spirit towards others will lead you out of your comfort zone.
  When we are nudged by the Holy Spirit to step out in Christs' love, we find ourselves reaching out to the unsaved and hurting people that God puts in our path.
  They need someone to listen to them and encourage them. Someone they can share their troubles to and trust. Maybe they don't know the Lord,and that gives us the opportunity to let them know how much Jesus loves and cares about them. We need to show them we care, by listening,as they pour out their heart. In a gentle spirit, we are to let them know they need to repent of their sin and accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior.
With love and compassion, Jesus drew us by the Holy Spirit, unto himself.  
The work remains for us , to win the hurting and lost to Christ.
A compassionate heart and spirit, is filled with Gods' love and care for others.