Loretta Cote
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When bad things happen to others, such as it did to the man on the road from Jerusalem to Jericho, would you reach out to help, or turn your head and go on past that one? In this situation, the priest walked on past the victim. Then there was a second person, a Levite, who also left the man alone on the road.He also walked past him, offering no help.
     Question: Why wouldn't they help him?
Answer:  There was a compassionate Samartan, who travelled that same road, and when he saw the man in need of help, he had compassion on him.
He did all that he could do to help the hurting man,  he poured in oil and wine, bandaged up his wounds, put the man on his own beast, took him to the inn, took care of him.
  He gave the host at the inn, a two pence and asked the innkeeper to take care of him. The good Samaritan, told the innkeeper, he would cover the cost out of his own pocket, when he returned to the inn.
The good Samaritan, did what Jesus would do . This is what we need to do today, stepping out, helping others.