Loretta Cote
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1.  One servant was given 5 talents, which he increased by 5 more. He made a profit for the man that gave the talents to him.
2. The second servant was given. 2 talents and he doubled them by gaining 2 more.
3. The third man was given 1 talent, which he never put out to gain anything.
When the man returned he was very pleased with the first and second servant , but he was very angry with the third servant, as he never made a profit for the man who gave him the talent.
We , like the first and the second servants, need to be obedient, to do good for others, which is profitable in the kingdom of God.As we give of our means and put others first, this profitable to the kingdom of God.
If we, like the third man, do nothing with what we are given ( talents/ or means) , then what use are we to Gods kingdom? 
The answer is ; Unprofitable