Loretta Cote
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Jesus is the chief cornerstone, which was rejected by the Pharisees, the Scribes and Sanhedrin.They all sought to destroy him.
Jesus, was always about his fathers business, doing good to all he met. He showed love, humbleness, kindness to all. He healed the sick, made the lame to walk, dumb to speak, opened blind eyes. He shared his fathers kingdom with all who accepted him and there were those that didn't. 
Jesus spoke with love and compassion. He harmed no one. He did good to all.  Jesus was rejected, he felt the pain and the anguish of not being accepted, or wanted. He never let this stop the plans that his father had for him or the mission he was sent to fulfill.
We, as his followers face the same things that Jesus faced; these are attacks to try to derail us from doing his will in our lives.
These attacks are from the enemy. 
We, as his followers, are no different than Jesus, we will also be rejected, but the key is this, Rise Above It.
Good Correction= Encouragement
Rejection= Discouragement
To Rise Above=FORGIVENESS=Pure Heart of Repentance =
Accepted in Christ's Love