Loretta Cote
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Do we have enough compassion to step-up to the challenge?and help someone who is hurting? whether physical? emotional ? or spiritually? 
If we have that kind of love and drive in us to step-up and do whatever we can, one for another, then we become that Samaritan.
We need to show kindness, mercy, love,caring and doing what is required of us.
A good Samaritan does what needs to be done and meets whatever needs there are to be met. He/ she says nothing to anyone else and goes on about doing or taking care of the task at hand.
Jesus sees and knows the heart of the Samaritan, what he/she will do.
Jesus knows when we ask, or see the one that needs help,or what the situation is,
 whether or not we are going to step-up and do something about it or not.
Jesus knows the thoughts and intentions of our heart and minds.