Loretta Cote
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There are different kinds of weapons in the natural physical world. Along with the knowledge of how to use them. There are instructors ,who teach on how to use them for different types of warfare.
  There are enemy weapons formed against the children of God; but his word tells us , that they are carnal and of spiritual wickedness in high places. The word of God tells us that any weapon formed against us shall not prosper.and every tongue that shall rise against us, in judgement, we shall condem.  For this is our heritage and our righteousness in the Lord. 
Our weapons are powerful in Christ .
1. He has given us Power through Prayer .
2. Authority in Jesus Name.
3. Holy Spirit to guide us.
These are the weapons of the children of the Lord. We are the army of the Lord , Christ is our Commander and Chief . He will direct us. 
Be blessd and encouraged .God is still on his throne.