Loretta Cote
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In his word, God plainly gives us direct instructions to seek him and call out to him while He is near. He tells us to repent and ask forgiveness. Turn away from wrong thoughts and return to him. If we do this, he will have mercy and greatly pardon (forgive) those who repent. Once we repent, God has plans for us. They are not the plans of man , they are his plans.
Also his thoughts (ideas) are not the same as ours. His thoughts and plans for our lives are beyond measure. As the heavens are higher than the earth , his ways are higher than ours. So are his thoughts higher than ours.
So if we would only LISTEN and Obey , the Voice of the Holy Spirit and Gods instructions; then we will see God move. This takes Forgiveness, Seeking God, Calling out to him in PRAYER, Worshipping him , Praising him, Loving him and Being ready to do His Will and not our own.Putting self in its place.Not letting the enemy hinder us.